Board of Directors

Officer (Executive) Nominees (each for a one year term):
Eric Andrew, President
Abbe Chivers, Treasurer
Eric Stine, Secretary
Melody Robens-Paradise, First Vice President
Daniel Steiner, Second Vice-President
Mary Kleiner, Third Vice President
Dennis Pavlich, Immediate Past President

Continuing Trustees to 2018 (all serving the second year of their first term):
Risa Levine
Danna Marks
Nicole Harris
Kim Werker
Thomas Kirkpatrick

Continuing Trustee to 2018 (serving the second year of her second term):
Shirley Cohn

Nominees (for a two year term ending 2019):
Kjell Rubenson (second term)
Alexis Pavlich (first term)
Howard Riback (first term)
Sheldon Cole (first term)

Trustee Nominees (each for a two year term ending 2019 and serving their first term):
Howard Riback
Alexis Pavlich
Sheldon Cole


Dennis Pavlich
Dennis Pavlich has been a member of Temple Sholom since 1981. He chaired the last Rabbi Selection Committee. He is a professor of law at UBC and has served as a vice president of the University for almost 14 years. He was a member of its Board of Governors for 6 years serving for a time as its vice chair. He has held positions on several other boards including the Vancouver Institute, the former BC Press Council and was founding chair and president of The Great Northern Way campus. Dennis is married to Suzanne and their 3 children spent their formative years as active members of the religious school and carry strong Jewish identities.

Abbe Chivers
Abbe was born in Vancouver but grew up in Calgary. In 1979, after obtaining her Bachelor of Commerce degree at The University of Calgary, she moved back to Vancouver where she completed her Chartered Accountancy requirements, and where she has been in practice for 27 years. Abbe works mostly with private enterprises, but also deals with a number of Not For Profit societies and foundations. Her knowledge base in both of these areas will enable her to deal with all aspects of the Temple’s financial situation. Abbe and her husband Simon joined Temple Sholom in 1988. This was the synagogue they knew was right for them. All three of their sons attended Temple Sholom Religious School and had wonderful experiences having their bar-mitzvahs here. She has served as a trustee from 2005 to 2009, two years of which she was also co-chair of the Endowment Committee, and was treasurer for the last three years. As for other activities, Abbe enjoys running and spending time with her family . . . especially watching all four of her guys on the soccer field.

Melody Robens-Paradise
Melody Robens-Paradise enters her first year on the Executive after serving two years as a Trustee. She and her husband, Yoel, joined Temple Sholom to have her children obtain the benefit of the wonderful Jewish education at the religious school. After two bar mitzvahs and two banot mitzvahs scheduled for 2017 they are well on their way to meeting their goals. When not juggling her family life, she practices law at the Department of Justice, mentors young women lawyers, travels when and wherever she can and looks for ways to raise the profile of the Temple Sholom Gift shop.