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TEMPLE SHOLOM U – Shabbat Dinner & Discussion

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Date(s) - Jan 22, 2016
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Temple Sholom

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Join us for an early Shabbat service followed by a thought-provoking discussion and a dinner. Each discussion will be led by a professor, an educator or a member of our congregation who is an expert in their field.

Friday, January 22, 2016
6:30pm: Service
7:30pm: Dinner, Presentations & Discussion

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(Upcoming 2016 dates: February 19, March 18, May 20)

January 22, 2016 | with Dennis Pavlich, Carol Pollock & Robert Daum

Dennis Pavlich
dennis_pavlichTopic: How Did Jewish Law Affects Western Ideas?
This discussion will focus on the influence of Judaism on the shaping of Western ideas of law. The developed Western system of law has taken root in most of the world. We will discuss how Biblical and Talmudic structures of law influenced the success of that system by events in the pre and post exilic periods and after the diaspora.
Bio: Dennis is a professor of law at UBC who teaches property and trust law and conducts a seminar on western ideas of law. He has been a member of Temple Sholom for more than 30 years and is its current President.

Carol Pollock
Pollock-1Topic: Genetic Testing: What Does it Really Mean?
The human genome project gave us the sequence of letters in our genes and now we are learning how these letters are organized into the words and paragraphs that are the basis for expression of our traits. There are many kinds of genetic testing available. These include prenatal and postnatal testing for known genetic diseases, such as PKU, and testing of potential carriers for diseases or conditions, such as Tay Sachs and breast cancer. These also include the latest trends in genetic profiling, such as the service 23 and Me provides, where you can scrape your cheek with a Q-tip, mail it in, and they will provide you with a genetic profile. This sounds great but what do these tests really mean and how should we interpret the results? This session will give an overview of some of the types of genetic testing with the goal of being able to assess the results and implications of the different kinds of information we can get about our genes.
Bio: Originally from Winnipeg, I am currently a Professor of Teaching in the Zoology department at the University of British Columbia, teaching in the Biology program. I love teaching and one of my favourite courses is a first-year course that integrates the topics of ecology, genetics and evolution. Although I am a geneticist by training I am currently focused on pedagogical research, including developing assessment tools to determine where students are on the spectrum from novice to expert learners, and how educators can help students regulate their own learning.

Robert Daum
RobertDaum0300Topic: Engaging Campus Diversity: a Different Approach
Diversity on campuses poses great challenges and great opportunities for fostering social sustainability, research and learning innovation, and individual student success. The session will introduce some research-grounded, experimental initiatives at local universities, which aim to engage growing diversity on university campuses in promising new ways.
Bio: Rabbi Dr. Robert Daum is a Fellow at SFU’s Centre for Dialogue. At UBC he advises UBC’s Office of the Vice-President for Student Engagement, where he also holds either adjunct or associate faculty appointments in three academic units. He is a Director of The Laurier Institution, a Founding Director of Reconciliation Canada, and Co-convenor of the Intercultural & Civic Engagement Strategy Group of the Vancouver Immigration Partnership. He also co-leads an international research consortium on cultural creativity, consisting of 9 interdisciplinary teams at 21 universities in 9 countries.