Torah_Study_smallWhat is Havurah?
Havurah is the Hebrew term for “a group of friends.” It’s like an extended family who share a common thread in their lives – a stage of life, an interest, or an activity.

How Do They Work?
Groups are generally formed among people of similar ages, in similar life stage, with children or without children. A Havurah is a self-led small group that meet away from the synagogue (often people’s homes) on a regular basis. As a group the Havurah plans and shares experiences, celebrates holidays, socializes, engages in volunteer or outdoor activities, and often learns together. You decided what you want to do together and when and where. It’s about “connectedness.”

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How Do I Find Out More?
Fill out the online form:
or return the attached form to the Temple Sholom office.

What Happens Next?
Our Havurah Coordination team will group common interests, then contact and invite you to meet, probably over a coffee somewhere. We will facilitate the first meeting, help you get to know each other and then help you take it from there. Our coordinators and clergy will offer support, resources and mentoring throughout the process. You lead, but we will help guide you along the way.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to speak to any one of us.
Rabbi Dan Moskovitz
Rabbi Carey Brown
David Schwartz, President
Gili Avrahami, Chair, Membership
Naomi Taussig, Cantorial Soloist
Shawn Hawkins, Chair, Social Action