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High Holy Day Tickets Request Policies

As usual every member of the congregation is required to request High Holy Day tickets in writing. If you require tickets please complete the attached form and return (scan, mail or fax) it to the office as soon as possible. Please note that tickets will only be issued once all financial commitments for Dues, Building Fund and Religious School have been arranged. Your High Holy Day tickets are available as part of the membership dues you pay and there are no assigned seats.

Each year the question as to who qualifies for High Holy Day tickets arises:

  • Children under 20: All children of members who are 20 years and under are considered “non-voting” members and qualify for High Holy Day tickets.
  • Children aged 21 to 25: Children of members aged 21 to 25, who are still dependents, qualify for High Holy Day tickets.
  • Children aged 26 to 30: (Full time students are considered dependants) Children of members aged 26 to 30 may purchase a High Holy Day ticket for a recommended donation of $180. Please note that our Next Generation membership dues start at $180 and you may wish to take out a membership for your adult child.
  • Adult children over the age of 30: Do not qualify for High Holy Day tickets under their parent’s membership * (Please see note below).
  • Financially dependent family members: All parents, children and siblings who are wholly financially dependent (i.e. whose income from all sources is less than $5,000 p/a) on a member family, though not necessarily living in the same household, qualify for High Holy Day tickets. (Please see note regarding children age 26 -30).
  • The Temple also provides very affordable membership for the children of congregants and their families who fall into the Next Generation category and whose net income is less than $30,000 p/a. Please contact the office for more information.
  • Out-of-town family members visiting: If you have out of town guests over the High Holy Days, we would be pleased to have them join us for our High Holy Day services. Please include their names on the attached forms so that we may prepare their High Holy Day tickets.
  • In-town family members: If you have brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins or parents who reside in Vancouver and who are not affiliated with a particular synagogue we invite them to become members of Temple Sholom.

We are often looking for High Holy Day hosts for students or new families to Vancouver. If you think you may be able to host a family or student for a dinner please let the office know.

Each year we issue more tickets than we have seating, assuming that at least some people will not attend every service. In order to ensure that our membership has seating, we ask that you do not lend or give your ticket(s) to anyone else. Your ticket is for your use only and is non-transferable. Congregants will be asked to produce their tickets at the door as there will be additional security. Those without tickets will not be admitted to the building.

If you will be on vacation over the High Holy Days and will be in the vicinity of a Reform Synagogue, arrangements can be made through the office for you to attend services in that area. Please contact us as soon as you know your plans so that arrangements can be made.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at 604.266.7190.



Rochelle Garfinkel,
Executive Director