Interfaith Families

MatzahWe would like to extend a warm welcome to Temple Sholom to anyone seeking a connection to God, to Torah, or simply wanting to learn more about the Jewish people. This includes Jews, people who are thinking about or working towards becoming Jews, and people whom our tradition calls rey’im ahuvim, beloved companions, those who are not interested in converting to Judaism but would like to know more about Judaism or wish to be supportive of Jews in their family.

The Hebrew word keruv means “drawing near”. Temple Sholom has many opportunities to welcome interfaith families into our community by drawing us nearer to one another. Interfaith families who are considering joining our Temple community may have questions about Temple Sholom and its practices. Our rabbis are happy to meet with you to discuss these issues in greater depth. You may contact the rabbis by calling our synagogue office at 604.266.7190. You may also contact our Outreach Coordinator, Mary Cohene here name and number is available through the Temple office.

Here is some information and resources others have found helpful: