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What it Means to be Jew-ish Today

Tuesday, March 14 & 21, 2017, 7:30-9:00pm.

With Rabbi Philip Bregman, Rabbi Emeritus.

Two years ago I was listening to the late night comic Seth Meyers explain that his paternal grandfather was Jew-ish and that his in-laws (he’s married to a Jewish woman) consider him Jewish enough. Interesting that the word Jewish has certainly been part of my entire life, and yet I never broke the word down into 2 syllables Jew-ish.

So what about you? Are you Jewish or are you Jew-ish and what’s the difference?

During our 2 week session we’ll explore this as it relates to the world we grew up in and the world that we now live in. We’ll also look at the world of the millennials (being that most of my time these days is spent on various campuses throughout the Lower Mainland). And of course we will factor Israel into the discussion and our relationship to her. Are you Zionist or Zion-ish, or neither?

No cost. Please RSVP to the Temple office at 604.266.7190 or info@templesholom.ca