Endowment Fund

The Temple Sholom Endowment Fund (“TSEF”) is one of our synagogue’s most important components. For those of you who are not well informed about the fund we would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • As you enter the synagogue you will note a beautiful “donor board” on the right hand side of the entrance. This board acknowledges members and donors who have contributed a minimum of $18,000 to the TSEF.
  • Over the years we have accumulated over $800,000 in the fund, which is safely and conservatively invested. The returns have not been as robust as in previous years, nevertheless we have retained our capital and earned some income. The 2011 income, of approximately $10,000.00, has been distributed to committees to help fund special projects – Sisterhood’s upcoming Shabbaton; the Committee designing our soon to be new and exciting TS Website; the Rabbi Search Committee and to assist in the upgrading of the sound system in the synagogue.
  • Your TSEF Committee is currently working on a long-term business plan, which will ultimately set out both our short-term and long-term goals. As we progress we will keep the mushroom out from under the fertilizer and keep you informed through this column as to how we are progressing.

Perhaps the next time you walk into Temple Sholom, stop and view the beautiful donor board and if you know any of the contributors, an acknowledgement and a thank you from you to them would be their best reward for their support.

Watch out for our next news update.

Bruce Howitt, Chair TSEF Committee
Abbe Chivers, Treasurer TS

Honouring Our Traditions, Cherishing The Present, Securing Our Future

Create a legacy that inspires learning
Education is the foundation of Jewish life. Monies from the Endowment Fund will help to strengthen this foundation by providing Temple Sholom with an opportunity to enhance and expand the educational opportunities currently covered by the synagogue’s annual operating budget. Theses opportunities include granting educational scholarships, subsidizing rabbinical and cantorial students from our congregation, attracting scholars-in- residence from around the world, and enriching professional development for our teaching staff.

Create a legacy that builds community
According to the Talmud, we are all responsible for one another. With this in mind, the Temple Sholom Endowment Fund will be used to provide critical assistance for individuals from our synagogue family, as well as from the greater Jewish community. In addition to supporting those in crisis and reaching out to our aging population, there will be times when it becomes necessary to draw upon the fund for special capital projects, emergency needs, and other extraordinary situations which affect our building, our members and the Jewish people.

Create a legacy that protects Israel
A strong Israel is vital to the security and well-being of Jews everywhere. A Temple Sholom, we cherish our ties to this precious country and recognize the benefits of nourishing close connections to the people and places of our homeland. Whether we are called upon to finance emergency projects, sustain educational institutions, or provide scholarships for travel and study programs, the Endowment Fund will ensure that our congregation is always there to support Eretz Yisrael.

Create a legacy that lives forever
The Temple Sholom Endowment Fund is professionally and securely invested to ensure financial growth and continuity. The principal amount of the Fund will remain untouched, generating resource which can be used far into the future. Charitable donations to the fund signify an enduring commitment to the perpetuation of key Jewish values. With your gift, you will reach out beyond your lifetime to help sustain Eretz Yisrael, the community of tikkun olam, a repairing of the world.

Fund will be recognized on a plaque that will be prominently displayed in the synagogue.

Named Funds:
Fund is established and maintained in recognition of a family or beloved individual.

Permanent Record Book:
All donations to the Endowment will be recognized in a permanent Endowment Record Book which will be prominently displayed in the synagogue.

Annual Report:
The Annual Financial Report of the Endowment Fund

In the initial year, all congregants will be able to participate in the Endowment Fund at a contribution level consistent with their wishes (Subject to a minimum donation).

Please click here for a Pledge card form.

“Your Open Hand Sustains Life” Psalm 145




For more information on how to create a permanent, living legacy, please contact Temple Sholom office at (604) 266-7190.