Funds/Tribute Cards/Plaques

There are many opportunities at Temple Sholom to honour or commemorate the life of a friend or family member. Making a contribution to any of the following funds is a very special way to acknowledge a birthday, wedding, Bris, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Yahrtzeit, anniversary and other occasions.  All of these donations are tax receiptable.

Please contact the Temple office at 604.266.7190 for more information or to make a donation or DONATE HERE.

  • Donation Cards: Minimum donation of $18 (see funds below)
  • Leaf from the Tree of Life: $90
  • Rock from the Tree of Life: $1,000
  • Yahrtzeit Plaque: $360
  • Minyan Breakfasts: $90
  • Oneg Shabbat (for 100): Minimum donation of $250
  • Kiddish Luncheon (for 50): Minimum donation of $300


  • Beautification Fund
    Supports the upkeep of the grounds.
  • Discretionary Funds
    Discretionary funds are funds of the temple that are under the control of the specific members of our clergy.  These funds are to be used for the benefit of the congregation and such other purposes as: to assist congregants or other individuals in need; to fund other non-for-profit organizations, including Temple Sholom; to supplement customary synagogue expenses; to enable the purchase of items to be used by the clergy but which remain the property of the synagogue; and may not be used for the personal benefit of the staff member or his/her family.

    • Rabbi Moskovitz’s Discretionary Fund
    • Rabbi Brown’s Discretionary Fund
    • Rabbi Bregman’s Discretionary Fund
  • Education Fund
    Helps improve the quality of education for our congregation and our community, including visiting speakers/scholars, school programs, adult education series and curricular materials.
  • Endowment Fund
    Uses net interest, dividends and gains to support Temple Programs. The goal is to build the fund to the point where it becomes a nest egg for the temple in times of needed extra expense.
  • Family & Youth Fund
    Supports the Young Family and Youth programs of Temple Sholom to provide social connection, leadership training, model Jewish values, instill communal responsibility and stronger Jewish identity.
  • Fruma Sanders Healing & Hesed Fund
    Provides resources to help the congregation care for our members during times of extraordinary need.
  • Harlene Riback Israel/Camp Scholarship Fund
    Helps send Temple Sholom youth and young adults who express financial need to Israel and Jewish Summer Camps.
  • Interfaith Outreach Fund
    Provides support for our efforts to connect with interfaith families and support them in creating a Jewish home and raising Jewish children, through programs, classes and materials.
  • Israel Fund
    Support Reform and progressive Jewish values in Israel, provide material support to the nation, people and soldiers of Israel in times of need.
  • Music & Bima Fund
    Provides for care and restoration of our Torah scrolls, prayer books, and artwork; supports other special liturgical needs such as special musical programs, concerts and services for the synagogue.
  • Seniors Fund
    Supports the temple in providing meaningful and ongoing programs and activities for our elderly congregants on-site and in the Louis Brier.
  • Sisterhood Fund
    Support the programs and activities of the Temple Sholom Sisterhood.
  • Tzedakah/Mazon Fund (Helping Those in Need)
    Provides aid, food and shelter for those in need.

or call Temple Sholom office at 604.266.7190