Giving To Israel

The Birthday Angels Birthday Party Project, a non-profit organization, has set a goal to provide every child in Israel with his or her own birthday party.

Ziv is an exciting and unusual non-profit organization that is dedicated to the collection and distribution of funds to various little-known Tzedakah projects

The New Israel Fund supports equality and social justice for all Israelis.

Beit Halochem‘s top priority is to take care of Israel’s disabled veterans, victims of terror and their families. At our centres in Israel, the disabled can regain the dignity and quality of life they deserve.

Thank you for supporting the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where your gift helps to train Israel’s future leaders, preserve and expand Jewish heritage, and extend the frontiers of knowledge to benefit people around the world, today and in the future.

ARZA’s mission is to connect Reform Jews and Israel. As the Zionist arm and voice of the Reform Movement in the United States and Canada, ARZA endeavors to make Israel fundamental to the sacred lives and Jewish identities of Reform Jews. As a Zionist organization, ARZA champions activities that further enhance Israel as a pluralistic, just and democratic Jewish state.

Progressive Judaism represents the liberal (Reform) stream of Judaism in Israel. The Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism is part of the world movement which was established approximately 200 years ago in Europe.