Men’s Club Tikkun Olam

Three members of Tikun Olum (Les Baker, Ryan Blackwelder and Keith Nusgart) helped the Jewish Foodbank remove shelving from 3 Vets and rebuild it at Vancouver Talmud Torah.

This space will be used for Project Isaiah and storage of bulk food.

The Men’s Club appreciates their hard work and support of the JFSA.

If you would like to donate your time to Social Action please email Keith Nusgart at or contact Larry Bloom at


Food Bank – Thursday Mornings (7:00-8:15am)
The JFSA needs 2-3 people to do some lifting of food from a truck to the sorting tables – every other Thursday Morning. Helps clients with food shortages.
Location: Peretz Centre at 6184 Ash St (behind Oakridge). There is parking underground on P1.
Please sign up here.

Several members of the Men’s Cub came out on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 to help with Project Isaiah which supports the Jewish Food Bank. Don and Kelly McGregor, Barry Silverman, Warren Ratner, Larry Bloom and Keith Nusgart helped with sorting food, shlepping boxes, taping, stacking and all kinds of tasks. We bonded with the other 35 or so volunteers and boxed food for over 2 hours.

Thanks to the help of the volunteers, many families in Vancouver’s Jewish community will have groceries. This event is slated to become an annual event for the Men’s Club Tikun Olam committee. One Men’s club volunteer said this was “a most rewarding experience”.