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A New Machzor for the High Holy Days

This year during Rosh Hashanah Morning services we introduce the New Reform Machzor – MISHKAN HANEFESH. We will also begin a campaign to purchase the beautiful two volume set for every member of our congregation.

When you purchase the new Machzor for your family, and the congregation at large, you will have an opportunity to sponsor personalized bookplates with the option to remember a loved one, celebrate a lifecycle occasion, honour clergy, family and friends. These bookplates are beautifully designed and will be placed in each of the volumes of our new High Holy Day Prayer book for 5779.

Help Temple Sholom purchase our new Machzor.  Place your order here or call the office at 604.266.7190

• Offers meaningful liturgy for both regular service attendees and those new to Jewish spirituality and practice
• Inspires a multifaceted experience of The Days of Awe – from feelings of awe to moments of solace, from the solitude of contemplation to the solidarity of song and worship
• Provides an accessible guide through the journey of t’shuvah (repentance) and cheshbon hanefesh (self-reflection)
• Bridges the personal and the communal, the ritual and the ethical dimensions of The Days of Awe
• Embraces the rich liturgical voices of the Jewish past and the aspirations of our people today

• Fully transliterated liturgy
• Expanded options for Torah readings
• Study texts that provide background and context
• Contemporary poetry and alternative readings
• Rich commentary drawing from Jewish tradition
• A range of theological possibilities
• New translations that capture the beauty of the Hebrew
• Includes essays by the leading Reform Movement thinkers
• Original woodblock art by acclaimed artist Joel Shapiro
• Elevating and engaging traditional and contemporary music


Cost (two volume set):
$118 each – 1 or two copies
$100 each – 3 or more copies
$500 each – large print
* Tax receipt will be issued for 100% of your donation