Men’s Club

Movie Night (held on October 25, 2017): The Boys of Buchenwald with Guest speaker and Holocaust survivor Robbie Waisman

The Men’s Club’s kicked off event – Mix and Mingle on September 14, was a huge success. Over 40 men attended and had a blast. If you are not a Men’s Club member yet, please register above.

The Men’s Club Poker and Pastrami Night, on Thursday January 19th, was a huge success.
Almost 60 men turned out for an evening of Texas Hold’em, terrific raffle prizes, craft beer, and pastrami sandwiches.
Based on feedback from our members, this will certainly become an annual event.
Thanks to all who attended!

Simple Steps to a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life
With Dr. Art Hister. Held on November 17 , 2016.

hister_art_07Approximately 45 guys attended the 3rd Men’s Club event featuring Dr. Art Hister speaking about Men’s Health. Dr. Hister is a well known MD, speaker, TV personality (CBC, Global, CKNW), author and health consultant. Dr. Hister was articulate, funny and direct about what is facing the ageing male population. He discussed a common sense approach to living well including: eating
moderately, exercising, getting enough sleep and moderate alcohol drinking. He said to beware of falling (especially if on medication and up for the late night bathroom trip) and to practice Balance, Aerobics, Resistance, Flexibility (to keep in good shape). He said to be critical of all the medial studies and new fad diets.

Dr. Hister spoke for about an hour, and then responded during Q & A from the attendees. There was a lot of discussion, and the event was well received.
Thanks to Lorne Weinstein, Larry Bloom and Keith Nusgart for coordinating.

mixer5goodAlmost 50 men showed up for the September
Temple Sholom Men’s Club Mix & Mingle.
By all accounts it was a resounding success!!!

“I walked into the event not knowing anyone, and by the end of the evening it felt like I knew everyone. Amazing!”;
“Loved the craft beer!”;
“Fantastic. You should make this a yearly event.”;
“Didn’t expect such a broad age range. Please keep me posted on future activities.”

Thanks to all who attended the event!