Kits for Kids

Kits for Kids
Formerly known as “Bedtime Kits for Kids”

This past winter (2016 – 2017) a number of previous recipients of the Bedtime Kits were given a survey with the opportunity to express their thoughts or suggestions about the kits. All of the programs stated they were very appreciative of the backpacks they had received. However, some noted that many of the children arrive without any school supplies or rain gear, toques/hats and gloves for those winter days!

So this year, the committee is preparing backpacks, called “Kits for Kids”, for school age children with the supplies they might need, hoodies, socks, toques or hats, gloves and rain gear.  For the little ones who aren’t yet attending school, we will be packing comfort bags with “stuffies”, small fleece blankets, other small toys, socks/underwear and activity books.  We hope to have 100 bags ready for the first two weeks of September.  The Collection and Drop-Off Box in the vestibule of the Temple is ready to receive your kind donations! We also appreciate any monetary donations that can be sent to the Kits for Kids project care of the Sisterhood.

One of the recipients sent along some final thoughts:

  • Those packs were very useful for our children. A family of 5 (4 kids) was thrilled to get those to take on the bus for a 4-day trip to their new home. We added small blankets and their own small towel to the backpacks and each proudly carried their own belongings.
  • In the past year the population we serve has changed a lot! Many refugee families arriving to Canada with 3-5 children of all ages.
  • In the past year up to 75% of our clients – are children!
  • Most of them arrive with just basics – clothes on their backs and limited belongings; nothing for school at all.
  • When we were able to finally send a few kids to school and gave them their own backpacks with some school supplies we had to purchase – the reactions were incredible! To begin with – the thrill of going to school in Canada! Somersaults in the kitchen, running around to each person showing off their new backpacks with STUFF in it!
  • It’s a totally different experience to see how grateful the children were for something that is so basic and simple as backpacks with school supplies and even the lunch boxes inside!

Thank you so much for the mission of kindness, you, the wonderful women at the Sisterhood of Temple Sholom have demonstrated to help the most vulnerable of this country – the children- to feel like kids.