TSY (Youth Group)


Welcome to TSY (Temple Sholom Youth) located in beautiful Vancouver BC. TSY is the home for Reform Jewish teens in the Vancouver area who are looking to socialize with others in their community. Our typical schedule consists of these two components:

(1) We typically have one local TSY event per month (sometimes more, sometimes less), which could be a variety of things. Past events have included: go-karting, Vancouver Whitecaps games, Jewish Holiday programming, Fright Night/Play Land, etc. Everyone grades 8-12 is welcome!

(2) We are also part of NFTY-NW (North American Federation of Temple Youth – Northwest), and attend regional NFTY-NW events 4-5 times per year. These typically occur over the course of a weekend (Friday morning – Sunday afternoon). These weekend events bring together Reform Jewish teens from BC, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. At these events you’ll make lifelong friends, experience modern and creative Jewish programming, and get to visit other Jewish communities you might otherwise never visit! These are for teens in high school only (grades 9-12). For more information about NFTY-NW, visit http://www.nfty.org/nw/. Their yearly calendar of events can be found here – https://northwest.nfty.org/get-involved/events/.


If you are interested in participating in either TSY or NFTY events (as they should be!) it is important that you fill out this online registration form so we can keep you updated on all our upcoming events.

TSY Board 2017-18 (5778)

Board Positions and Responsibilities – 2017 Update

Calendar of Events – THE REST IS COMING SOON

October 10th – Kick-Off BBQ and Improv Show

  • Cost: free
  • Location: Temple Sholom, 7190 Oak Street
  • Time: 6:15-7:45pm

October 29th @ 6:15pm – Haunted Walking Tour – see poster for details

TSY Membership Benefits

  • Group Rates: There are a lot of fun things to do in Vancouver, but not everyone can afford them for the regular prices. With TSY, we do these really fun things, and we get group rates on them, so they cost less per person. 
  • Temple Teens: Teens registered in our Temple Teens program can get points towards their March of the Living trip by attending TSY events. Each TSY event is worth 1 point, while NFTY events are worth 3.
  • Volunteer Hours: Every teenager wants them, and now you can get them. Not only do we have crazy events but also social action events.
  • Job or University Application: Being a member in a youth group can look great on an application for a job. And Universities love to know that you like to get involved, and any employer would like to know that you work well with people.

Click here to view our 5778 (2017-2018) Temple Teens brochure.

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TSY Advisor – Phil Angel

TSY President – Claire Frankel