Sholom Stories

LogoBlueSholom Stories are personal reflections from Temple Sholom members on ways the congregation has inspired them and connected them with their Jewish identity.

Jane Stoller: “Adult Hebrew Class”

Kevin Keystone: “My Second Bar Mitzvah”

Rena Cohen: “Welcoming Wounded Israeli Soldiers”

Jennifer Shecter: “Uplifting High Holidays”

The Kleiners: “East Side Jews”

Alexis Rothschild: “A Dream Come True”

Simon Krakovsky: “Confirmation Class”

Justine Balin: “Temple Teens”

Jackie Wu: “Jewish Information Class”

Rachelle, Sean & Ben: “All-Inclusive Bar Mitzvah”

Jeffrey Balin: “Shabbat Morning Services”

John Silver: “Making the Morning Minyan”