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To Be Remembered for a Blessing

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at 7:30pm at Temple Sholom

End of Life Planning – Canadian & Jewish Law
with Rabbi Dan Moskovitz and Jeremy Costin.

How does Canadian and Jewish law deal with the ethical and moral decisions involved in planning for your estate to pass to your successors, particularly within a family from one generation to the next? How does Judaism view succession, and what are the moral obligations it wants you to consider?

Rabbi Moskovitz will be joined by Jeremy Costin, an experienced wills and estates lawyer at Kornfeld LLP, whose experience runs from corporate reorganizations and tailor-made trust solutions to bringing peace of mind to families with young children or disabled dependents.

Jeremy is a PLTC guest instructor at the Law Society of B.C., a director of the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre, and a director of the Jewish Lawyers Association of British Columbia.

No cost. Please RSVP to the office at 604.266.7190 or info@templesholom.ca.