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Tracking the History of Eight Scrolls

dscf0984Evelyn Lazare, a long-time member of Temple Sholom, volunteered to document the provenance of the eight Sifrei Torah housed in the synagogue’s ark, believing the process would take a few weeks at best it is now a 40-page illustrated book!

In 2015, to celebrate the congregation’s 50th anniversary, Temple Sholom members participated in the scribing of a new Torah. This brought the number of scrolls at Temple to eight. We are fortunate that each of the eight scrolls is in good condition and is considered kosher and suitable for use during services.

We know the very recent history of the 50th Anniversary scroll, but how and when were the other scrolls acquired? Join Evelyn Lazare as she relates how she approached her role as Torah detective and the stories behind them.